SSD Company XaviXPORT
Type Console Developer SSD Company Ltd.
Release Date 2004-Aug Region(s) North America, Japan, Russia, Thailand, Europe
Initial Price $79 USD Games Released 10
     by Dark Watcher
In January at the Consumer Electronics Show 2004 (CES), SSD COMPANY LIMITED debuts their XaviX technology to the American public.  The XaviXPORT console was officially released in the US in August of 2004.

XaviXPORT is a unique and innovative console that uses peripherals to interact with onscreen games.  The console contains image recognition and infrared sensors that can detect player movements.  These movements are calculated by a proprietary multi-processor that measures both velocity and angle.  The multiprocessor then translates the actions into onscreen movement.  Getting players to immerse themselves into games with body movements is not something new.  However, this is the first time a console has been dedicated to providing this "Get your butt off the couch" interactive gaming experience.
XaviXPORT console (picture credits unknown)
What makes XaviXPORT truly unique is that the console's multiprocessor is not installed inside the system itself.  The multiprocessor can be found in each game cartridge.  This concept has not been seen since the 1970's with Milton Bradley's Microvision or the "PONG on a chip" PC-50X Family.  This makes XaviXPORT an easily upgradable machine.

XaviXPORT arrived on the scene with 3 game titles (XaviX Tennis, XaviX Bowling and XaviX Baseball) using their original XaviX Multiprocessor.  This proprietary chip is reported to contain an 8-bit high speed central processing unit (6502) at 21mHz, picture processor, sound processor, DMA controller, 1K bytes high speed RAM, universal timer, AD/Converter and I/O device control.  Each cartridge comes with a wireless peripheral to be used with the game (Baseball Bat, Tennis Racquet, etc.) that requires "AA" batteries.  The XaviXPORT system retailed for $79.99 USD with the cartridges retailing for $49.99 USD.

The following year at CES 2005, SSD COMPANY LIMITED introduced two new XaviXPORT titles (XaviX Golf and XaviX Bass Fishing) each containing the upgraded "Super XaviX".  This new chip is said to sport a 16-bit high central processing unit (65816) at 43 MHz.  SSD COMPANY LIMITED is already working on their next chip called "XaviX II" that is said to be a 32-bit RISC processor with 3D capabilities.

FACT: SSD COMPANY LIMITED has actually been around the game industry for quite some time.  The company was founded in 1995 in Japan by nine engineers.  8 of the engineers helped develop the Nintendo Entertainment System.  No wonder they are so familiar with the 6502 and 65816 processors.

Action film star Jackie Chan has partnered up with SSD COMPANY LIMITED to create new game titles for XaviXPORT.  Two games have been released featuring the actor - Jackie Chan's Action Boxing and Jackie Chan's Action Mat.
     by Marriott_Guy
Prior to releasing their revolutionary controller with the debut of Wii, Nintendo had previously experimented with this in 1995 with the release of Laserbirdie, a golf game simulator for the Super Famicom.  Though Nintendo does own the bragging rights to be the first to actually implement motion-sensing technology into a game, the Wii can not lay the same claim in regards to a console.  That honor belongs to SSD Company Limited with their release in 2004 of the XaviX Interactive System (XaviXPORT).

The XaviXPORT was the first home video game console that fully utilized and required the use of full, wireless motion-sensing controllers.  No games are included with the system - game packs, all sport/fitness related, are sold separately that include the game and a specialized controller shaped like the athletic equipment used in the respective game (i.e. golf club or tennis racquet).  Besides being the first console devoted entirely to this new technology, the XaviXPORT has a number of other unique features - some good, others not so much.

The XaviXPORT makes the Sony PlayStation 2 slimline model look like a behemoth.  This system has to be one of the smallest consoles ever made measuring 1.0" H x 7.0" W x 5.5" D and weighs less than 1 pound.  The front of the simple satin-silver casing features two (2) push buttons to the left (power and reset) with the infrared receiver on the right.  A stylish, clean XaviX logo is featured front and center.  The top of the system is more of the same - straight, easy to use features (four (4) up/down buttons flanked by an enlarged Rest and Enter button).  The cool-olive colored game cartridge slot also resides here.  Standard AV connection jacks, power and an AV Out port adorn the back of the system.  This is as simple as it gets.  The XaviXPORT hardware mirrors the simplicity of the main console design.

The XaviXPORT system, contrary to the innovations delivered in their game interface devices, harkened back to a method used in the 1970s of delivering gaming applications and processor in one medium - through the cartridge itself.  I am not sure of the exact specs of the internal components of the XaviXPORT (though I have read is of an 8-bit variety), though it is safe to say that some basic processors are included to process sound and video output along with the software bridge required to communicate with the cartridges.  The premise here, as it was back with PONG-On-A-Chip technology (PC-50x family), was to include the processing power onto the game cartridge to avoid having to keep upgrading the central system every time a leap in technology occurred.  In theory, this is an excellent approach to keeping the games up to date and providing the gamer the best experience.  Now to the important question - what about the games?

Interactive sport and fitness games are the only genre for this system.  A total of ten (10) applications have been released for the XaviXPORT from golf to baseball to fishing to boxing.  I would have to say the graphics are somewhat similar to the 3DO - obviously not that great considering the year of its release.  The games are fun though and physically demanding you to get off of your couch and participate.  Correct positioning of the system is paramount for the optimal enjoyment because the rang of the game peripherals range is not that great (maybe 15-20 feet or so).  If you are looking for a good workout, you will not be disappointed.

Overall, the XaviXPORT is truly a first among video game consoles.  SSD Company Limited fully embraced wireless, motion-sensing technology and ran with it.  Having to compete in the marketplace with the Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox did not help their cause, nor did the lack of their brand name recognition.  I rather view this system like Worlds of Wonder release of the Action Max - intriguing technology at the time, but too much competition to overcome.
XaviXPORT system with Games

The XaviXPORT is still being sold in some select stores (both online and retail).  A brand new system costs $80 USD, with games running approximately $50 USD (some higher).  This is a recommended purchase for the gamer that likes to get a physical workout and fun game experience but is not necessarily addicted to cutting edge technology.  This is also a recommended purchase for the console collector due to the place in history that the XaviXPORT will have and the small library of readily available for purchase games.
     Officially licensed releases
XavixPORT Interactive System (Model #PT1-100-11)
There is only one model of the XaviXPORT console, but packaging has varied through the years.  The gray/white box design (1st and 3rd picture) was utilized during its initial release.

     Non-licensed hardware releases
No clones were released for this system.
     by Marriott_Guy
Consoles are rated based upon the available technology at the time of its release.  A 10 point scale is utilized, with 10 being excellent.
XaviX Jackie Chan Advertisment
Console Design 08 Simple but elegant, the XaviXPORT is well designed featuring easy navigation in a compact design.
Console Durability 08 The functional design contains very few moving parts, making this system extremely durable.  It does feel a bit fragile to the touch (due to its low mass), but has proven to be tough and hardy during my experience with this console (3+ years).
Controllers 06 Since each game has its own proprietary controller, my comments will be more general in nature.  The range is about 15', which isn't bad if you have a long enough AV cable to connect your system far away from your television set.  Be prepared to chew through some AA batteries though - expect only around 15-20 hours of game play before you need to reload.
Graphics 04 Technically, this system is on par with the Neo Geo AES or the Panasonic 3DO.  In all honesty, the driving factor is the interactive experience rather than trying to blow away the gamer with superior graphics.
Audio 03 Performance in this area is rather low, with stereo output available through standard RCA plugs.
Media 08 The cartridges are rather large, which is due to the fact that they contain the actual microprocessor for the game.  There are virtually no loading times during game play (a definite plus).
Game Library 04 Interactive sports and fitness titles are the offerings for the XaviXPORT.  The variety is good, but limited.
Gamer Value 04 If you are a couch potato, the XaviXPORT is probably not going to be your cup of tea.  If you love the Wii and shaking your junk, then this console is right up your alley.
Collector Value 08 Due to its future significance in history and relatively limited appeal, I think this is a good pick-up for the collector, especially since you can score one of these on the cheap.

     Interesting facts on software for this system
XaviXPORT games are packaged with a custom controller, which can vary from a modified golf club to a dance mat to a full sized bowling ball.  These controllers are necessary for game play since the XaviXPORT system itself does now have a base controller.  In addition to the custom controller, each game comes with a remote sensor tailored specifically for the game.

As stated previously, the core programming is contained on the cartridge, which is almost the same size as the system itself.  The casing is constructed of a sturdy plastic, featuring a graphical representation of the game on the front.

Game Compilation

     Captured in-game images
Bass Fishing
Lifestyle Manager
Music & Circuit
Power Boxing
XaviX Collection

     First and third party system emulators

No emulators have been released for this system.

     For the hardware enthusiasts out there - all the detail you\we love.
Processor Type  Processor Speed  Other Processor Information RAM \ Video RAM
6502 CPU (8-bit) 21.0 MHz None 1 KB High Speed
Screen Resolution Color Palette Polygons \ Sprites Audio
640 x 480 16.7M colors Unknown 16-bit Stereo, 44.1 KHz Sampling Rate
Media Format Media Capacity Games Released Other Supported Formats
Cartridge Unknown 10 None
Internal Storage External \ Removable Storage Game Controllers Other Game \ Peripheral Devices
(data saved directly to game cartridge)
None Wireless, motion-sensing (comes with the individual games) None
Controller Ports Network Ports Other Ports Audio \ Video
1 IR Receiver None Expansion Jack, Composite (IN) Composite
Power Supply - External Other Outputs  Other Details \ Notes
Input: 120V AC, 60Hz
Output: DC 9V, 700mA
None None
XaviXPORT Owners Manual (PDF) - 3.80 MB

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